State and Local Action

State and local action on climate change is commonly put forward as an potential alternative to federal action. It is beyond the scope of this micro-site to dig deeply into the massive topic of state and local responses to climate change, other than to note that you can explore relevant topics in great depth, including through the following Index Entries.

We noted in introducing this micro-site that the 2020 elections were not kind to the prospect of aggressive state and local action on climate change. It's worth noting that some observers have identified political gerrymandering as one of the biggest impediments to tackling climate change, and the 2020 election results, combined with the 2020 Census and a conservative Suprement Court, could aggravate the problem of gerrymandering from the standpoint of climate progress.

You can dig in deeper through this Index Entry into the Climate Web:

You can also dig deeper into the topic of Executive Action on climate change at the State level, recognizing that because of the differing power of the Executive in each State, it's a complicated topic: