Bipartisanship may seem like an odd topic to bring up in the context of climate change, given the radical polarization of both the U.S. population and legislative branches of government.

That said, if you're interested in figuring out ways to move climate change policies forward, you might want to read Fred Rich's book "Getting to Green."

The book explores what author Fred Rich saw as real opportunities for bipartisanship in tackling climate change in 2016, and there's a lot that could be relevant in 2020. You can get a quick synopsis of Fred Rich's thinking in the book through our BiPartisanship Mini-Course in the Climate Web.

You can purchase the book via this link to, an independent bookseller effort to counter Amazon's market power. We've created an affiliate Climate Change Bookstore as part of

You can also dig deeper into the topic of potential climate change bipartisanship through its Index Entry in the Climate Web.