Climate Chess

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One way to think about climate change is as the ultimate planetary boardgame, Climate Chess. The characteristics of climate change suggest that a combination of strategic and tactical responses will be critical to success, not unlike how you might approach a normal game of chess. And this combination will also be key in pursuing climate action during the Biden Presidency.

If you're not familiar with Climate Chess, we encourage you to check out this EntryPoint into the Climate Web:

or our:

The fact is that there are hundreds of pieces on the Climate Chessboard, as made clear by the Sabin Center's identification of more than 1,000 initiatives that could be undertaken by different audiences and levels of government to help tackle climate change. If those initiatives could be prioritized and deployed in a sophisticated way, the implications would be dramatic. Dig deeper here:

In all of this, including the Biden Administration's reponse to climate change, there are a few other things to bear in mind in the context of advancing Team Urgency's objectives on the Climate Chessboard:

We've barely scratched the surface of the idea of Climate Chess here, much less the resources relevant to playing Climate Chess available to you in the Climate Web. We hope you'll explore the idea further, and we'd welcome your feedback!

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